Children's Individual Classes

25-Minute After-School Lessons

Focused, efficient and impactful, these 25-minute classes are tailored to the individual requirements of your child. Whether they need support with their schoolwork and unit tests, pronunciation, extra confidence in a particular skill (speaking, writing, listening or reading) or general English, this is the best option for them.
We start and end with a 2-minute game and review language and grammar for twenty minutes (a child's natural attention span).

Book one or more classes per week for after school depending on your child's needs.

This option also works if your child wants to study with a best friend, as long as they wish to focus on exactly the same vocabulary and grammar (so ideally in the same class at school).

It's recommended that your child joins the Fun & Games Club to expand their knowledge and fluency. Children simply love games, role play and projects with other children of the same age and level, so this is a really fun class for them. Click here for more details.
Places are limited so register here to secure your place today. Payment is in advance and paid at the beginning of each month.

15€ per class, per child. Classes are on Zoom and last 25 minutes.