Other Resources

As well as taking classes with Jayne, it might be a good idea to use your English between classes.
Here are some of Jayne’s suggestions....


Choose a book lower than your level in English. Keep a notebook and write new words and phrases with explanations. Use this English in our next class.

Find a friend with a similar level and have a 10-minute phone chat with them once or twice a week.

As a family, you could watch a film in English with subtitles: children’s films are brilliant for this. Try Shrek, Inside out or Peter Rabbit.
There are also many people doing excellent videos on YouTube. Here are Jayne's favourites.

Canadian Bob English (Learn English Travel and Tourism Vocabulary and Phrases)

Oxford English Online.

MMMMEnglish with Emma Confidence Coach.

Short podcasts are fantastic for improving your listening skills.

BBC 6-minute English

A Cup of English
Anna speaks slowly in this interesting and short podcast (also available on YouTube). Find it on iTunes.


Choose a book in English that's easy for them. Buy them a notebook and get them to write new words and phrases with explanations. They can ask Jayne about anything they don't understand in their next class.

Wild Animal Chronicles: introducing young teenage students to the orangutans of Borneo or the penguins of Antarctica. Find on the National Geographic Website

Children’s Fun Story Time is an excellent podcast
Or search for classic stories read in English like Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

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