Fun English Classes

Would you like to learn English in a fabulous and engaging style? No text books, just laughing, improving and speaking English in a dynamic way?

Then welcome to your new online English classroom!

From amazing adjectives, perfect tenses, to speaking adverbs beautifully, you or your child will learn through enjoyable role plays, playful worksheets and games like adjective tennis and Bamboozal. ALL IN ENGLISH.

The difference with Jayne’s classes is that they are real life and super fun. She loves nothing more than completely demystifying the complexities and confusion of English. Giving you wonderful ways of remembering why we use, ‘make’ rather than ‘do’, all those pointless silent letters, weird ‘ed’ pronunciations and many more secrets to remember sticky language points.
Most importantly you will speak a LOT. This might be the only opportunity you have to practice all that you have learnt over the years. So even if you are a little shy or rusty, after a short time and a lot of encouragement, you will speaking with conviction.

As an English teacher from Sussex, on the south coast of England, Jayne will show you clear pronunciation in a way that you can remember. As a qualified experienced teacher she’ll know the exact moment you understand something, or she’ll find other creative ways until the aha! moment strikes.

You’ll always leave your class with more confidence in speaking English, using grammar and being more fluent.


Children's Classes

Adult's Classes

The Fun & Games Groups

Choose the group that's right for your child. Small and friendly game classes. Great for building confidence, social skills and fluency while having fun at the same time.

Kangaroos (Age 7-8)

Children are wonderful learning sponges at this stage, so it’s the perfect time to capitalise on this with extra fun and games in English. In this class they will learn through singing...

Elephants (Age 8-9)

This is a crucial year for building confidence in English, and it’s imperative that children understand and practice the language and grammar they are learning in school...

Giraffes (Age 9-10)

This year, the essential grammar point is the Present Perfect using words like yet, already, just, for and since. Past Participles will be reviewed in depth through enjoyable...

Tigers (Age 10-11)

Children really benefit from speaking and practicing at this stage, which is all done through age-appropriate games and activities. This year we cover clothes, future...

Lions (Age 11-12)

In the final year of primary school, we cover music, adjectives with prepositions, shopping, gerunds and the history of money. We review the Passive through travel and the history...

Teaching Career

Cambridge & British Council

Jayne became a Cambridge examiner for KET, PET and FCE speaking exams in 2019. That summer, she taught at Cambridge University and a prestigious school in Ascot, England.

Later that same year she began working for the British Council, teaching 6 and 11 year olds, as well as two Cambridge FCE exam classes.

During the pandemic of 2020, she discovered the power of teaching online, where children who struggled in the classroom were now able to shine.

Teaching in Spain

Immediately after arriving in Madrid in 2017, Jayne started working in an academy helping people aged 6 to 60 with general english, job interviews and exam preparation.

She loved helping individuals learn exactly what they wanted to learn in an impactful and memorable way.

In 2018, Jayne worked at Colegio Nuestra Señora de Loreto on Calle del Príncipe de Vergara, an amazing primary school in Serrano, Madrid. Here she taught grades 1, 2 and 4, and most of the teachers too.

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