Grammar & Fluency Group

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Small & Friendly Online Classes

Are you looking for a fabulous and friendly online English class? A lovely safe space of like-minded students to learn and review English grammar, improve your pronunciation and talk about interesting subjects once a week? Well, look no further.

These unique ADULTS ONLY classes are dynamic and uplifting after a long day at work. No boring text books or constant note-taking: this is active learning and reviewing important language points in a fun and exciting way, with students at the same level. Games aren’t only for children. We play lots of them to help you relax into reviewing English. And YOU do most of the talking.

Variety is the spice of life and every class is different! One week you might role-play with real-life experiences, like ordering food in a fancy London restaurant using your most polite modal verbs. Another week you’ll practice business-meeting etiquette or asking for directions on holiday. The classes are fun, engaging and stimulating.

Classes are divided into two sections: we begin each with a game or activity to practice particular grammar points or structure. The second half is about increasing your fluency though discussion, debates and answering questions. We talk about many interesting subjects and ponder things like cultural differences and philosophical discussions on life. We only avoid politics and religion. Just thought-provoking ideas to help you speak freely to really improve your English.

Join the fun in these small classes to elevate your English language skills.

Places are limited so register here to secure your place.
Payment is in advance and paid at the beginning of each month. 15€ each session. Sessions are on Zoom and last 50 minutes.