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Online Success

Teaching online is now our way of life. Jayne loves the way she can create vibrant lessons using music, images, video and games to engage students in whatever they are interested in. This makes learning creative and lively rather than flat and boring.

Most importantly, Jayne's
experience at The British Council taught her that students generally learn much more deeply online, whether children or adults, in groups and individually.


It all started in Beijing in 2014, where Jayne taught English for two years, and art for one. In 2016, she moved to Hanoi in Vietnam and taught grades one, three and four in three different primary school over the course of a year.

To get between the different schools every day, she had to take 16 motorbike taxis every week through some of the world's craziest traffic - now that's commitment!

A background in Fashion and Radio

Jayne hasn’t always been a teacher! After studying Design & Media in West London, she embarked on a career in fashion PR and marketing. Her first job was as a stylist for the Sunday Express newspaper.

Later on, she worked at largest commercial radio station in Europe before moving to Australia to work for the national radio station. Returning to England she worked at Brighton’s Juice FM and then Radio Reverb, where she had her own radio show.
Jayne also spent a few years selling penthouses and loft apartments along the Thames in London Bridge. She's also worked as a Style Consultant, Events Organiser, Journalist, Blogger and Life Coach! Jayne brings all this wonderful and colourful life experience into all her classes, which explains why they are so much fun!

“Teaching isn’t a job, it’s a vocation and a way of life. It’s fulfilling, rewarding, joyful and creative,. I laugh in almost every one of my classes!” - Jayne Ralph
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